Jul 26, 2010


well.helo human outside been long time i dint step into blogger .sorry for that,busy with the studies at here. well actually i have nothing to share.BUT first at all,

Happy birthday to you~
Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!
Wish you much pleasure of joy in your birthday.
and hope all of your wishes come true.

LOL even i not sure you will read this on my blog or not but anyway happy birthday !

yet it remind my birthday is coming soon too.gosh is totally official 20 years old .just can't believe time past so fast. trying to recollect all those lost memories and puzzle in my life. and i really appreciate those who help me when i was in arduous moment in my life, thanks lot. not forget to those friends that allow me bear into your memories too.. when i review back my little notes, gosh, there still got lot of thing haven finished and success in this year. exp, great and charming body hahahaha. forget about this @@. old school stuff.

oh wait, explain clearly first, the purpose i wrote this post is not announce to whole world that my birthday is coming and you guys need greet and wish me or sent me a gift?HELL i don't mind !! you want to wish or not is in your hand. i don't fucking mind that k?? well, everyone do have their wishes when their birthday, so am i. my birthday wish is : i don't want celebrate birthday all i want is peaceful and cheerless on my birthday.that's all i think.seriously, simple wishes is much better than ceremonious celebrated . And simple wishes is enough for me already.

20 years old. well i felt like the responsibility is getting heavy and,the future is depend on our hand now. you will success on your career or is the golden hour to achieve that..everything gonna begin right now!!

Perhaps. you will felt strange and weird on me. Hmm? yea ! i admit that, i'm fucking weird bitch. so what? everyone is not perfect.same with you !

something wrong with me and i guess i will sick soon . feeling unwell :( oh ya.not to remind, human is selfish !!

Jun 23, 2010

REDANG TRIP - day 3 been a while i dint update my blog.kinda lazy to update plan to delete my account :) well, let's continue with my redang last day at there and we got the chance to travel at terengganu town..million thanks to pick dai and her buddy.

is raining heavily when we leave.and because of this,many people get chance to participate a vomit competition inside the boat.

what a noob face. i mean the left hand side one.

i love lung t-shirt

hell yea,alvin's leg is cool enough

couple t-shirt. hahahahz. @.@

from the left,peter,pick dai,and tracey.

everyone is enjoy with the sneak at there

this is the unique mosque in crystal mosque.

i really skinny shit.

with pick dai

with sarah

nice meal before we leave terengganu

although is not expensive,but the taste is amazing .

last shoot at airport.

end this post with noob face.i mean left hand side :)

May 25, 2010

REDANG TRIP - day 2 you guys doing huh?very well?not well?whatever, non of my business..hahaha..xD just kidding anyway :P hmm, so here is it,second day of redang trip. ok actually we plan to wake up early to enjoy the moment and scenery of sunrise.but,untimely ring of my telephone alarm just ineffectively.well,woke up at 9am and gosh 930 went to snorkeling again.

Remain the same,ready with apparatus and life jacket, too bad, din't see any hippocampi and the coral reef diminishing. wao..once again,let's rock with the picture .

this is so called motorola waterproof handphone by the people who incharge at there

ok.almost is dead k?black in colour somemore lichen is everywhere.

with a bread,those fish will come around you and some even bite your finger . .

ok is totally not thumbs up.because is damn tired and salty !!

peace ~

mike : lung ke ke li,wui jin hek arh...
lung : mike mai si mai si..
ok i dont know what dialog is this is lame forget it.

and yet, we rent a waterproof digital camera,which can let us capture 150 pictures and yet,due to some technical problem, we rent 2 digital camera which mean we need to capture 300 pictures.

ready to jump?

ok,alvin not yet ready..


girl solo.

fuiyooo... ade style oo!

yet,famous places like redang of cause got some famous people travel there.and we do meet up with some malaysian model/ you go.

this is john wong..fuiyoo,not all people in this picture call john wong.neh.second from the left hand side there. is sarawakian ? hmm~

is crowded

next,we meet with steven yap

he is model and actor in malaysia.wao@@ nice body

and what we got here? we meet up with few famous american porn lucky are we?

ROFL! paiseh, they arent porn star just tourist who travel there. xDD

some random picture

last century my friend told me how skinny am i. and i claimed that i am fat but after i saw this picture,i just realize how skinny am i.. == totally like bamboo stick.

ade style wo !!

lung was extremely tired

let me tell you how the professional photographer shoot..hahaha

neh this is the picture . nothing special also xD


with kylie

please make sure you are over 21 or under 67 year old.this picture consist pornographic material..if not , please click X on the top of your right hand side.kindly thanks for your coorperation..




ROFL!!! ok i know what you want to say, cheh,,kns la what pornographic material..noob.

dont try this at home !!!

some random picture before end this post

cute is it?i know i know .. no need praise me

hahah,who cuter?clement or me?hahhaha

still cannot stop acting cute @@

wao!! sexy leg

some random group shoot

please spot clearly what mike have done to her gf in this picture haahahah

fuiyo alvin butt ==

at redang, we must visit so called famous more more tea place ma..

fuiyoo..couple behind us sweet enough wo!!!

sweet couple..

hahhha another sweet couple..still very excited with their pose till now .

en en.any comment with this couple ?

have a look on my face xDD pity clement hahha.btw, he's cute,baby face baby voice and many baby baby.

after few month continuous exercise and gym,ladies and gentleman,i proudly shown my abs to you all.. please open up your eye big big!!

how was my six pack??charming huh? need a near look ? here you go.

iyer..know my abs charming but dont keep peep on it will shy de ma.. oh me soWTF !~~ignore me thanks.

so called more more tea inn.

i love this two picture .

look like blind people community??hahahaha

infront of the resort .

random art..not bad.

and there have sand decoration competition?sound like this .. let you guy guess what is thi

end our day with playing volleyball.ok is not easy as i think .

hahha. no people want bully kylie but only hurt.

demo to you all how to clear the sand from your body

i felt something wrong between you and me. you start to ignore me, about the way you are

goodnight late. please dont support broadband because it is suck thanks !